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text_compare Feb 09 at 12:47am IST

Free Online File Converter and Editor 🙌🎉 #imageeditor #freebie #freetool #internetisbeautiful

text_compare Jul 21 at 01:18pm IST

New website is live now. Hope you like it. 😍

text_compare Jun 22 at 03:48am IST

New beta version of TextCompare is now live. Use it at and share your feedback. 🥳🎉🍾

text_compare Aug 03 at 03:07am IST

Excel diff export is now styled. 🎉🥳 Use now:

text_compare Jun 09 at 02:13am IST

Free Online Tool To Compare PDF Documents and find Differences 🔍 via @YouTube

text_compare Jun 09 at 02:10am IST

How to Compare Two Images and find Changes? 🔍 via @YouTube

text_compare Jun 09 at 12:49am IST

Text Compare - Free Online Text Diff Tool to find Difference 🔍 via @YouTube

text_compare Jun 08 at 04:30pm IST

You can export diff result as a PDF file. #comparetext

text_compare May 30 at 04:34pm IST

🥳🎉PDF Compare Tool has been updated. Now you can view changes in PDF, Text & Image Mode. Check out now. #pdfcompare #textcompare #PDF

text_compare Apr 26 at 05:13pm IST

We have updated Image diff tool. Now you can export the diff image.